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How can I send the evidence of my Covid-19 positive test to you?

James Bailey
James Bailey
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You can upload the evidence of your positive Covid-19 test during the application process. PDFs can be uploaded as well as screenshots/photos of NHS test results.

For PDFs, screenshots and photos the following must be displayed:

  • Your full name.
  • The date of your positive Covid-19 test.

You can find example positive test results here:

If you're uploading a screenshot/photo of a UK NHS email or text that contains your test results, you must display:

  • The screenshot must include the toolbar/browser at the top of the page of your device.
  • For websites: This must include the website address.
  • For apps: This must include everything on the screen.

Additionally, the screenshot/photo must display:

  • For email: This must include: to, from, subject and date fields.
  • For text messages: This must include the name/number of the sender.

Some countries will not accept NHS test result texts or emails for Covid-19 Recovery Certificates e.g. Austria. Please check your destination's entry requirements for exclusions.

Please note: We cannot accept photos of test cassettes such as antigen lateral flow tests because these cannot be verified. Vaccination certificates are also not accepted.

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