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What vaccination programmes are recognised in the UK?

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The UK continues to recognise vaccination programmes from most countries (see list), including the UK, EU, and the USA. Travellers qualify as fully vaccinated if they can demonstrate vaccination certificates with a complete course of the following vaccines at least 14 days before arriving in the UK:- Oxford/AstraZeneca- Pfizer BioNTech- Moderna- Janssen (single-dose vaccine)- Sinovac-CoronaVac- Sinopharm Beijing- CovaxinFormulations of the 4 listed vaccines, such as AstraZeneca Covishield, AstraZeneca Vaxzevria and Moderna Takeda, qualify as approved vaccines.You must have had a complete course of an approved vaccine at least 14 days before you arrive in England.Where 2 doses of a vaccine are required for a full course, you will be able to mix 2 different types of vaccines, for example, Oxford/AstraZeneca and Moderna. You are also allowed to have the 2 vaccinations under 2 different approved programmes, for example, Australia and Japan, UK and USA, EU and Canada.

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